An Introduction into Tribalism


The primary goal of tribalism is to unite a group of people and to create an organic society. By ‘organic society’, I mean to say that each member of the society has something called ‘tribal consciousness’, which is a type of altruism given to each individual which ensures the prosperity of the tribe. This ‘tribal consciousness’ requires a deep bond with each member of the tribe, and can only function among a unified body of individuals. For example, a tribal society cannot exist on a large scale; there are too many individuals within the society (in a large society) for a deep bond between individuals to transpire, and thus the ‘organic society’ that was idealized cannot be achieved, at least for within a large society.

Some may consider tribalism to be a type of anarchism; I (and hopefully all other tribalists) do not care what it is “officially” called. But, since we are on the subject of anarchism, it is to important to understand the relationship between the tribal state and the individual. If one were to categorize tribalism as ‘anarchism’, and seek to place tribalism on the political compass, one might find himself/herself in a predicament; is tribalism individualistic? Or is tribalism collectivist? Or, maybe, is it capitalist? I think that tribalism is neither of those. Tribalists cannot possibly adhere to the philosophies of Egoism (aka staunch individualism), because then the fabrics of tribal society would fall apart. Tribalists cannot be Communists, because we recognize the importance of some economic freedom. But yet, Tribalists are not Capitalist, because total economic freedom infringes on the dignity of the environment and other individuals (exploitation). Instead, tribalism relies on a community-individual bond; the two are inseparable and their fates are intertwined. So, in reality, tribalism is a middle ground between individualism and collectivism. I will elaborate on this ‘middle ground’ in future posts.

Tribal bonds are based on deep association and commonality. In order for an ‘organic society’ to work, a couple elements must be present first.

A tribe necessitates a (relatively!) common History, Culture, Genetics, Religion, Ethics, and Soil. Without these elements, a tribal bond cannot be formed between individuals. Of course, there may be slight deviations from 100% sameness, but relatively same elements must be present in order for a tribal bond to be formed.

This tribal bond creates Loyalty, Unswerving Allegiance, Fidelity and Faithfulness, A Return to our Roots, Fatherhood, Motherhood, and Warriorhood.


Hail the Return!


Loss of hydrpower means renewable electricity is likely to decline in the 21st century

The Seneca Effect

As unlikely as it might seem, renewable electricity generation is likely to decline. With cheap solar panels and wind turbines around the corner this might seem incomprehensible, but to understand why renewable electricity is in big trouble, ask yourself what the main present source of renewable electricity is. The answer to this question is hydropower. According to the IEA, 85% of renewable electricity comes from hydropower.

The IEA and some other big organization expect to see large growth in hydropower generation, but this increase appears unlikely for a number of reasons. When it comes to the impact of climate change on hydropower, the IEA’s roadmap that projects a doubling by 2050 in hydropower based itself on one study done in 2012. Looking up the study that the IEA uses, we find the following sentence:

This study has not examined the impact of increased frequency of droughts and floods, as forecast in many places…

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About Zionism

In Nationalist circles, it is well understood what ‘zionism’ means and how much of a danger ‘zionism’ is to the future of the European people. Most Odalists understand what certain Jews have done in order to manipulate various governments throughout the Western world, by claiming a monopoly on virtually all of the major media outlets; and those lesser media outlets who are not under the control of this peculiar Jewish element never dare call out these Jews, for fear of ‘anti-Semitism’. It is a fact, however, that ever since ambitious European monarchs first plunged us into the financial vortex of the burgeoning international debt system, an elite coterie of Jews and their allies have effectively manipulated world events for their own interests. These peculiar elitist Jews also have a monopoly on Hollywood and even on the very lives of the Palestinian people. In Nationalist and Odalist circles, all of the fore mentioned facts are already well known. But what is Zionism? It is not Jewish Nationalism, as some would like to think of it. It is, however, Jewish imperialism. The Jews, just like everyone else on this Earth (which is NOT flat!), have a right to self determination, and I encourage Jews to revive their ancient culture and live as a homogeneous group of people; this is Jewish Nationalism. I, however, do have a problem with Jewish manipulation of the media and the physical conquest of the Palestinian people; this is Jewish imperialism (aka Zionism). There are many Jews who call out the Zionist bullies in Palestine and also there are many Jews who criticize the Zionist media bosses who pull on the puppet strings of our world leaders and our peers.


I would like to say this again: All Jews are not to blame for Zionism!


In conclusion, it is important to draw the line between Zionism and Jewish Nationalism. As Odalists, we recognize the right to self determination of all peoples, and ALL peoples should have the right to preserve their people and culture; this ensures the beautiful bio-diversity on this Earth. So therefore: as Odalists, we should not view Jewish Nationalism as unhealthy; but should instead view Jewish imperialism as unhealthy.

A Brief Look at Tribalism

Tribalism Rising

I wrote this a month or so ago on another media source, but I feel all my older writings deserve a spot here.

Many people have very knee jerk reactions when the meaning and discussion of Tribalism is brought up in casual or intellectual conversation. I’m writing this to inform others about what Tribalism means, and also how it critiques modern society. I will first go over what civilization and high technology mean. Then, a basic critique will be given. I hope this ends up as informative and clear as I am attempting to make it.

Firstly, in order to critique civilization, one must first define what civilization means. The root of the word is civis, or town/city. With that in mind, a basic definition of high technology and high civilization is simply “city culture”. City culture first began after the Agricultural Revolution allowed for great swaths of people to…

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About Survival of the Fittest


It is fairly obvious that the Industrial age will soon collapse; mitigation is not an option, only survival when the collapse occurs. The reason for why I believe that mitigation is not an option at this stage of the game is because every field of business that the Industrial world encompasses is dependent on another form of business, which is then dependent on another form of business; this interdependence is not good for Industrial society’s ability to sustain itself. For example, medical technology is dependent on biology, so in order to develop our medical technology we first must develop our biology; in order to develop biology, we must be able to test on living things; and in order to test on living things we have to have knowledge about the characteristics of these things; and in order to have the knowledge about the characteristics of these things we need to have genetic knowledge; and event that relies on technology in order to function. If one of these areas of business fail, than the whole system is doomed to fail because of this technological interdependence.

Now, it is fairly obvious to see how advocating for technological advancement spells out our extinction. This interdependence on technology makes it so that it is easier for the entire system to fail, and if the ‘collapse of technology’ is catastrophic enough, than the results of Industrial downfall could mean the deaths of a lot of people.

“Survival of the Fittest” states that the strong rule over the weak and that the clever rule over the strong. I will now make a metaphor; the strong are to the (practicing!) primitivists as the weak are to the civilized. Obviously, the weak in this metaphor are those who are unable to wean themselves off of technology before Industrial collapse occurs. Technology makes our lives easier, mitigating the natural struggle we are required to go through in order to become stronger and sustain our lives.

About Physical Suffering

Many of the ‘civilized’ men today are using technology as sort of a crutch; a walking stick that inhibits them from utilizing their full potential. As explained before, technology mitigates the natural struggle needed in order to become strong. An example of how technology is being used as a crutch is that we no longer need to know how to make our own food, and are dependent of transportation technology, agricultural technology, and capitalist technology in order to satiate our need for food. Soon, as Varg puts it, we will become so degenerated that we no longer can stand on our two feet! We will become like the ‘humans’ from Wall-E. If we allow this crutch to develop, we will soon find ourselves at the mercy of mother nature, because we have lost our capacity for self-sufficiency, either because we are too technologically dependent or that we are degenerated (or both!).


As we can see, anti-Industrialism is the ultimate example of “Survival of the Fittest”, and a this is a very beautiful thing. The weak die out and the strong are left to re-congregate to live in a sustainable, low population.